A & B Computers Inc.
Same day Service 
From $  60 /hr.

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Desktop or laptop motherboard repair. -Replace bulged failed  electrolytic capacitors (capacitor plague).
Power Plug connector. Broken USB Ports, broken cables and sockets, shattered LCD screens, Back light (CFL) and inverter boards. Repair copper leads on PCB.
Bring your troubling hardware for free estimate. We repair problems for fraction of the cost of buying new part or replacement.
We will clean up your CPU, Power and Case Cooling Fans - no charge (with purchase of any other service in shop). Please mention text from webpage when you bring your equipment for service .
  With the amount of cooling fans in contemporary computer you may be compared to a small vacuum cleaner. Dust and lint from carpets, pets, human skin dandruff, hair and smoke tar combined plug spaces between heat sink fins and prevent heat transfer from components, causing them to overheat and then fail prematurely. Preventive maintenance may save you from costly repair. You can recognize need for cleaning if your computer starts to sound louder when it starting, vibration of case and etc.
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